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Keeping Parasites Away from Computer

January 15, 2013

Your PC is perhaps one of the most important things you have in your residence or workplace. Without it, you cannot work efficiently and retrieve back important information from the past. Thus, it is a must that you keep it free from worms that may damage or delete encoded data saved in it.

Here are some important points to keep those electronic leeches away.

  • Some of these spyware came from e-mail attachments and messages. In order to prevent these from damaging your computer files, ignore them when you notice that they did not come from a reliable and trust-worthy data sources.
  • Take precaution in using Microsoft Outlook since this program is vulnerable to cyber infections. If you still prefer to make use of this program, then see to it you get an updated Anti-Virus system. Use other free-email ones like Yahoo and Hotmail. Outlook anti-spam add-ons are also available for trial at Microsoft's website.
  • Install updated Anti-Virus software since they are more effective than the old ones, like AVG, Sophos, McAfee, Norton, and F-Secure. Run inspection weekly.
  • Be careful of pop-ups that seemed to be anti-spyware since these tactics can be a kind of scam. Ignore these immediately, open your anti-worm software, and run a full scan. To prevent or lessen these pop-ups, make sure you delete temporary Internet files every day.
  • Set up your Windows Update to immediately download upgrades and patches. In doing so, you can quickly fix security problems and block parasite sources.
  • Switch browsers every now and then. Firefox, Chrome, and Opera have better security checking systems than Internet Explorer. They are also faster and more flexible.
  • Be careful while surfing since, in some cases, viruses are in the form of a window asking you to automatically install something. Say “no” immediately unless you know the site asking the install.
  • Make sure that you have back up data in case any unfortunate event happens.

With these ideas, you will surely maintain the cleanliness of your computer. And for website designing, avail of our services now.